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Samajwadi Party MLA Deep Yadav makes a remark on Priyanka Gandhi and Dimple Yadav

Samajwadi Party’s Deep Yadav very subtly inserted his own dosage of sexism when he spoke to his Party workers. Priyanka Gandhi, star campaigner of Congress and Dimple Yadav, the wife of Akhilesh Yadav and SP’s campaigners, were, in Mr Yadav’s own words, really attractive women whose beauty was enough of a magnetic pull for the voters. If these women, says Yadav, campaigned in the jungles, animals too would come out to see them.

The Uttar Pradesh Elections have witnessed similar comments from a number of senior leaders. Sharad Yadav of the Janata Dal (United) compared the significance of a vote to a woman’s modesty, saying the daughter’s honour is way less than a vote’s importance. The BJP’s Vinay Katiyar reacted to the Priyanka-Dimple partnership with “There are more beautiful women than Priyanka Gandhi who are star campaigners.”

Both comments were condemned by all major political parties, twitter and other social media handles. How the SP responds to his own member’s sexism, remains to be seen.


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