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Here’s why Modi is so influential among the UP youth

The Prime Minister’s strong influence on the youth of the nation and of Uttar Pradesh, in particular, can be seen by the public sentiment that the video captures. The Founder of Jan Ki Baat Pradip Bhandari spoke to a few people in Lucknow who shared their political choices and reasons for the same. who are likely to vote for the Bhartiya Janata Party. Narendra Modi’s Central regime is a strong one and if his party wins UP then Modi would have a strong hold over the Chief Minister of the State. This full control is likely to help the citizenry of UP. The other hope from the BJP is that the party be able to close on the massive gap that exists between education and jobs; MBAs and BTechs have been reduced to mere sheets of paper because these prestigious degrees have been unable to guarantee employment to the youth, to the students. Narendra Modi’s party may be able to bring about a change in the current scenario.

The upcoming elections in Uttar Pradesh have made many anxious: one of the most awaited State assembly elections of 2017, its result would bear a testimony to the public mood regarding the PM, post-demonetization. This is also a mid-term election for the BJP, who won in 2014; a kind od litmus test of trust.

The BJP is intentionally banking on Narendra Modi, painting him as the face of development in Uttar Pradesh, the move partially guarantees a kind-of legitimacy to the BJP, which hasn’t been the ruling party in the State for a long time now. Would such a tactic pay off or is it likely to backfire?


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