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Commuters face problems as some Ola-Uber drivers continue strike

As a result of the Ola, Uber cab drivers’ strike, many in the city have been inconvenienced due to the disruption in their everyday routine. Jan Ki Baat tried to understand the situation on the ground. The frequent can-goers are forced to choose another mode of transport or pay an increased surcharge for their travel. But are all the drivers opposing the companies’ unfulfilled promises? A driver that the team of Jan Ki Baat spoke to seemed to disagree with his fellow drivers’ opinions; the incentives they are demanding for are quite unreal as charging 15 rupees per kilometre means that customer would choose to not pay and switch to another transportation mode. The driver said he was quite satisfied with the existing model and current rates.

Many of Uber and Ola cab companies’ drivers are on strike since February 10th in Delhi-NCR region, demanding an increase in fares: from the existing 6 to 15 rupees per km. It also wants the 25% commission charged by app-based aggregators, on every booking, to be scrapped off. The protest is led by Sarvodaya Drivers Association of Delh. Cabs were available after a few days, but the fares continue to be higher than the normal rates.

Today’s the 10th day of the protest. The issues is entangled with several other minor complications, some of which were pointed out by the driver that Jan Ki Baat spoke to. How and when the negotiations take place will determine the future of can companies in the city.


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