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Ola Uber drivers continue protest in Jantar Mantar, New Delhi

Drivers of Ola and Uber have been protesting against the current system of charging customers and the basis on which cab fares are decided. Their demands to increase the fares and thereby, their monthly salary, can be witnessed at Jantar Mantar, where the drivers are protesting. A message was left by a protestor who urged his fellow participants to continue their strike until satisfactory negotiation terms were achieved after proper channels of discussions were opened up between the drivers and their employers. He also requested his fellow protestors not to retreat from their demands, so as to achieve their goal.

Many of Uber and Ola cab companies’ drivers are on strike since February 10th in Delhi-NCR region, demanding an increase in fares: from the existing 6 to 15 rupees per km. It also wants the 25% commission charged by app-based aggregators, on every booking, to be scrapped off. The protest is led by Sarvodaya Drivers Association of Delh. Cabs were available after a few days, but the fares continue to be higher than the normal rates.

How the protestors’ demands are dealt with will soon be soon and the loss in revenue of the companies would force the latter to address the problem.


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