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All India Fair Price Shop Dealer Federation’s Protest in Jantar Mantar

Pradip Bhandari, interviewed a group of protestors in Jantar Mantar in New Delhi who have been demanding to make All India Fair Price Dealer Federation (AIFPSDF) an official government body, to give them medical, rental and other benefits and to fairly distribute ration across India.

In an exclusive interview with Pardip Bhandari, AIFPSDF’s Bengal’s secretary demands an increase in the commission to Rs.200/- per quintal. The prices of goods are increasing and so are the salaries of MPs and MLAs. So, why this neglect towards the dealers? He has hence come to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to demand the dealers position as a government worker, to increase the commission to Rs.200/- per quintal and mainly for a single PDS law across the country. The CM of Bengal, Mamta Banerjee has taken the commission of the dealers nonetheless, the ration should be given to the citizens.

P.C. Kataria, AIFPSDF President from Delhi demanded that 5,27,000 dealers and packers across India should be incorporated as official government workers. States like Tamil Nadu, Kashmir and places like Pondicherry is also a part of India. If they are a government worker in their region, why aren’t they considered a worker in Delhi? The dealers are called the defaulters while the government makes the ration cards. He isn’t concerned with who is considered to be below poverty line or above poverty line but the dealers couldn’t be labelled as a thief because they take the goods from the government and sell it to the citizens. The commission that they receive is equal to nothing. The government should be fair and distribute ration across the country equally.

The members of Fair Price Dealers’ Association have been demanding higher commission for distributing one quintal of food grains allotted under PDS. These dealers demand schemes for medical and other facilities and the rent of their shops and electricity bills to be paid by the government in the coming 2-5 years.


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