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Modi’s speech post UP Elections 2017 win and the political future of India: Pradip Bhandari

Pradip Bhandari, addressed the citizens in his video post PM Narendra Modi’s first speech after the UP Elections victory. Pradip Bhandari wishes everyone a very happy Holi. It is a festival where we look at our mistakes and churn them out. This exclusive video conveys the pulse of the people in the election process of 2017.

Narendra Modi in his address said that with these wins they have the responsibility of being humble. Power is not about posts, it is an opportunity to serve. He is the only Prime Minister who has been asked why does he work so much. Thus, we can clearly see that Modi is a Prime Minister very unlike the candidates in the US Presidential elections or elsewhere. He doesn’t let victory take over his head and stays grounded. As he had said in 2014, he once again highlighted the fact that his government would even work for those people who hasn’t voted for his party. Narendra Modi has emerged as the real Statesman of India and not just any other Prime Minister. He is the first mass leader of India post Independence who asks for votes based on the development under his governance. People who criticize him are of the opinion that he has got votes on the basis of Hindutva. This is indeed a superficial analysis because the people have raised themselves above the religious barriers. A large number of Muslim women voted for and have shown their interest in BJP in the UP Elections.

On the other hand, Akhilesh Yadav’s slogan of ‘Kaam bolta hai’ has taken a backdrop since it has failed to strike a chord with the citizens. The idea of Vikas is missing. It has become just any other slogan, away from the ground realities. Congress is in the same line as it hasn’t been able to take lessons from its fall and make suitable changes in its administration. Captain Amrinder Singh solely should be given the credit for the rallies in Punjab. He talked to Priyanka Gandhi to sort out matters.

Aam Aadmi Party had campaigned in Punjab with a great vigour. After the Punjab defeat, AAP should reflect upon its lack of concentration in Delhi and work for Delhi. Pradip Bhandari has urged Kejriwal to come back to delhi in his address ‘Wapas Delhi Chalo’ .

The citizens have evolved over time and they would only vote for and support the parties if they feel that the leader is working with correct intention. The Modi-led government has proved the same. The debate narrative has changed. The journalists need to get out of the past ideologies and dwell in the present. Constructive criticism is very important for democracy. The opposition party has failed to learn from the same. The citizens understand the difference between the Politics of Slogans and the on-ground politics.

The BJP is expected to win more seats in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Karnataka and even Manipur and Kerala. Manipur’s Pay-for-vote culture and organised politics is challenged by BJP as BJP has managed to secure seats in the Manipur elections.

Jan ki Baat will thus keep moving forward with the truth, getting people acquainted with what is the truth behind the various faces of the leaders and will keep revealing the real pulse of the people.


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