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3 years of Modi Govt: Jan Ki Baat Poll on the poor and their feedback. What do they think?

Jan ki Baat team reported live from Kingsway Camp near GTB Nagar Metro Station where a group of vendors, workers and customers talked about their views 3 years of Modi govt: What has been done, the successes, schemes and future prospects of improvement.

The workers and labourers who get around Rs.100-300/- per day are struggling with their savings. There are poor women who don’t want to be labourers anymore. They want to do something in their life, they want to have a life of their own. The wages of the vendors and construction workers are low. Owing to the involvement of middle men and the condition of the economy, workers who were promised a job of Rs.13k are given a salary of 9k and less. Numerous senior citizens have not received their pensions yet. In spite of the good work of the Modi govt, Mudra loans and other schemes aren’t able to reach people.

People are of the opinion that as long as a fear factor doesn’t exist among the people, the problems of corruption wouldn’t end. There are debates and violence in the name of religion. There has been a crisis situation for the vendors post demonetization as Rs.2000 change is not easily available to them because these vendors generally deal in lower denominations. There are deaths of soldiers at the borders almost everyday. The poor suggest the Modi govt to develop better relations with other nations to curb violence and terrorism.

There have however been positive aspects of the government as well. People are satisfied with schemes like Swatch Bharat and Digital India. The poor are given their identity card in the form of Aadhar card. Some people have even got their pensions.  Demonetization has helped churn corruption out of the society.

Inspite of the limitations, the Modi govt is honest and has done a considerable amount of work.

There should be an implementation of schemes to all sections of society. It’s a hefty task to fill the divide between the rich and the poor. The salaries of the poor increases at the rate of Rs.100/- per year owing to which they aren’t able to afford good education for their children. The question which arises is, will the poor forever be doomed or will they come up with better ideals of self-employment to counter their poverty?

3 years of Modi Govt: JanKiBaatPoll on the poor and their feedback. What do they think?

Posted by Jan ki Baat on Wednesday, May 31, 2017


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