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Midnapore Farmers in distress as Trinamool Congress denies facilities: West Bengal

Jagganath, a citizen from Amodpur village in the Midnapore district of West Bengal brings to Jan Ki Baat an exclusive footage of the apal condition of roads in the village and the denial of basic facilities by the ruling government.
In his video, he urges Prime Minister Narendra Modi to provide basic facilities expressing that the village is in trouble. The unavailability of roads is the major problem. Road construction hasn’t taken place since years. The people of the village are mostly farmers and are not able to carry on with their agricultural practices as basic amenities aren’t reaching them.
The people of Amodpur village, Purba Midna, West Bengal allege that the Trinamool Congress workers receive all facilities. The people from the Gram Panchayat had ceased some Rs.49,441 from the government claiming that the money had been put to public use. As the construction of road isn’t proper, the children aren’t able to go to schools nor are the people able to go for work. The basic facilities are denied to the farmers & public especially those supporting BJP.
The people took their cause to the village SDO, BDO and even the DM but there was no internal inquiry done. The officers claimed that work has been done. No action was taken by the government even after multiple complaints.
The people do not have proper land and have not received space under the government schemes. The situation is such that 9 people live under the same roof. Atleast 50 families in the village are connected to the unconstructed route and are lagging behindbecause of government negligence and deprivation.
It is sad that people are denied basic rights and segregated according to the region and political beliefs. We as Jan Ki Baat strive to reach out to the Prime Minister of India to address the concern of these citizens so that these citizens among many others can get proper facilities and develop as a society.

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