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Jan Ki Baat successfully removes sexist Amazon ashtray!

The woman in Amazon's sexist "Tripolar Ashtray" released and speaks out! #JanKiBaatImpact #ProductDiscontinued

Posted by Jan ki Baat on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Social worker Rajni Bhandari connected to Jan Ki Baat. She brought it to our notice that the shopping site Amazon was freely selling an ashtray displaying a naked women with open legs. This product was sold on Amazon India and the International market for Rs.4249/- with the name of ‘Tripolar Naked Woman Ashtray’.
Jan Ki Baat carried out a story on the same on 5th June 6:52pm. We brought it to the notice of the public. The story and Sexist Amazon trends went viral on Twitter and other social media platforms pick it up. We also sent emails to Amit Aggarwal, CEO Amazon IN following which the product was discontinued in the Indian market. The next day, Team Jan Ki Baat received an email from Jeff Bezor’s (Head of Amazon) office informing us that the product has been discontinued from the International market as well.
It is sad that such products are sold in Indian as well as the International marketplace in the name of man’s fantasy. It not only promotes the rape culture but also degrades women to the lowest rug of humanity. The product was offensive & sensitive to the sentiments of the women.
Jan Ki Baat in its presentation symbolically highlighted the pain of the women in the ashtray. The women came out of the ashtray to raise her voice against the society. “She is not a thing to play with, handle her with care. She is not a nobody, she is a being like me and you. When she would raise her voice, the end wouldn’t be far away. Such is the power of a women.”
When other news channels were reluctant to take up the issue, Jan Ki Baat took the lead to discontinue the product. When requested to pick up the story, a person from the media said- ‘I’ll pick up what I want to pick up.’ We as a society should sham the propagation of sexism and objectification. In the wake of the Nirbhaya case, people should not delay raising their voice whenever women are targeted.

By Pradip Bhandari.


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