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Environmental awareness on World Environment Day : Save Fuel, Save Earth

World Environment Day – Save fuel, save earth. #youthofDelhi pledge to save environment #swacchalay

Posted by Jan ki Baat on Sunday, June 4, 2017

Pradip Bhandari, the CEO and founder of Jan Ki Baat reported live from Chirag Delhi where a group of youngsters had come down to the roads to preach about the environment. It is to be noted that these people aren’t giving speeches in seminar hall but have come out to spread awareness. When Donald Trump moves away from the Paris agreement, it is us who have to take a leap to commit ourself towards a better environment.

These people at the Chirag Delhi redlight are present to educate people, they go to the cars at the redlight and ask them to turn the engines off. They make the people realize that it actually makes a difference. It saves fuel and money. That’s how people understand the value of it. These people aren’t putting statuses or sharing pictures on facebook on World Environment Day. They are coming out of their comfort zones towards environmental awareness.

Their motto is to change the mindset of people because if their mindset is worked upon and a proper road-map is framed out, the people will gradually take a leap to save the environment. Standing at the signal, at-least one person is going to take something away from them.

At the time of the elections in Delhi University, campaigns and rallies are carried out in a number of cars. This malpractice should be checked. There were suggestions to make Delhi University a car-free zone. Campuses like IIT Kanpur are car-free zones and people use bi-cycles to commute in the campus. The Ivy leagues in the US do not allow cars in their campuses. We should follow the International practices where several zones in the cities are turned into car-free zones.

The youngsters further took an oath to save fuel towards their journey to save the environment. Carpooling should be practiced as it is more viable and feasible. Carpooling is also possible when people go out partying. The one who isn’t drunk can drive the car as it would also check the cases of accidents. Using public transport can really be a hectic task but one can leave home half an hour early to use public transport like buses and metro to reach places on time. Few people took an oath to do cycling for shorter distances. Pradip Bhandari took an oath to walk if the distance is within 1 km and car-pool 4-5 times a week.

Jan Ki Baat encourages today’s youth to do their bit to save fuel and save the environment.

By Pradip Bhandari.


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