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Trinity College student unhappy with the conservatives coming back to power in UK General Elections 2017

Citizen Journalist Tanvi reports from Trinity College, Dublin to Jan Ki Baat where Kate, a student at Trinity College, Dublin and a resident of Belfast, Ireland states that the students are unhappy with the conservatives coming back to power in UK.

Kate says that she is torn interms of labour with the fact that the conservatives are still going to stay in power. The reason that they are going to stay in power is because of the alliance with the DUP (Democratic Unionist Party).

The DUP is socially conservative. It is anti-abortion, opposes same-sex marriage, and formerly campaigned against the legalisation of homosexual acts in Northern Ireland. The party sees itself as defending Britishness and Ulster Protestant culture against Irish nationalism. It is also Eurosceptic and backs the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. A controversial party in UK politics, the DUP have been characterized by their opponents as populist, far-right and extremist.

Kate says that they are a right-wing extremists and homophobic in their view. She and her peers do not agree with the party’s views crucial topics like Climate Change. People are unhappy with the fact that they are going to stay in power.

The young voters are more liberal in their social view. Kate points out that the labour campaign is for the many and not the few while the conservatives are for the few and not the many. Hence, this remains the major divide between what people want and what they get.

"We are unhappy with conservatives coming back to power since they are for the few not the many" says Youth from Northern Ireland on UK's General Elections 2017 to Jan ki Baat via JKB #CitizenJournalist.

Posted by Jan ki Baat on Saturday, June 10, 2017


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