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Shocking: Jeewan Hospital Allegedly Indulged In Negligence During The Treatment Of A Patient

Jan ki Baat has received a video footage from a citizen named Sachin. In this video, he alleges negligence on the part of the doctors of Jeewan Hospital.

Sachin’s younger brother had to get operated for gallbladder stones at the Jeewan Hospital at Maharani Bagh.

Sachin alleges that the doctor operated on his younger brother and apparently cut his esophagus. On informing about the mistake, the doctor said nothing and tried to mislead the relatives.

The enraged family of the infant protested against the doctor and the management.

Here’s the video footage:


Sachin has been told that there’s nothing more that the medical personnel at the Jeewan Hospital could do.

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By Supriyo Mukherjee.


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