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JKB Exclusive: Despite The Negative Media, Youth In Kashmir Shout Pro-Development Slogans

Most of the discourse around Kashmir is often limited to explosive discussions about nationalism, azadi and stone-pelting. In this new era of chest-thumping journalism, we have stopped making sense as a civilisation.

As a breath of fresh air, we got some very heartening news from the Valley. Recently, a group of youngsters got together at the Bungus Valley and shouted slogans regarding the development of the area.

It wasn’t about azaadi like you’ve previously seen, they are talking about something that would help the Valley come out of the shackles of misery and backwardness.

These are all pieces of the endeavors under approach to address the difficulty of what is progressively being seen as the Valley’s hazardous demography. As a great many stone-pelting youth rampaged this mid year, a significant part of the talk on Kashmir has rotated around managing the rising number of youth in the Valley.

According to the 2001 census, 64 per cent of the entire population in the Kashmir Valley was under the age of 30. The projection for the 2011 census is 66 per cent, which may mean nearly 700,000 people who lie between the ages of 18 and 30. As many as 50 per cent in the 18-30 age group of this bulge are unemployed despite having high levels of education.

At this time Kashmir needs development more than anything else. This seems like a welcome change from all of the ‘azaadi’ nonsense that is being fed to them.

Story by Pradip Bhandari.

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