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Do you know about the Quit India Movement for the New India

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On the 75th anniversary of Quit India Movement, Jan Ki Baat set out to find the answers to the question like “How relevant is this event in today’s changing and developing times?”, “How relevant is it to the current prevailing problems in the society?”, “How much youth connect does this event held?”

We received opinions from the youth leaders of ABVP organized rally at DU.

Quit India Movement was previously conducted with an aim to free India from Britishers. The scenario now has changed and India is struggling with new problems.

The major issues raised by people were the regionalism, Casteism, Women empowerment, poverty, corruption, reservation, etc.

We could discover various other topics like immaturity in politics and separatists.

by Pradip Bhandari

Assisted by: Himanshi Singh &  Saurabh Kumar


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