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You will not decide when I should return home: Enraged women speak out on Jan Ki Baat after Varnika Kundu Stalking Case

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Amidst the Chandigarh stalking case controversy where everyone is concerned about what politicians are speaking, Jan Ki Baat went out on the ground among the common citizens to know their opinions and know what they think.

We asked women how safe they feel going out at night and we found different answers but everyone with similar opinions.

There were opinions stating for the formation of stricter laws and regulations against such devilish acts.

Few said that this is not a political issue but is a problem prevailing in the core of the society.

Citizens are also enraged on the biased attitude of political parties and misuse of powers.

The length of the fabric is never the reason for rapes and harassments but the cheap mentality is.

Not all women had negative views but some even had positive perspective towards the safety issue.

We also asked men about what they think and we found similar opinions from them.

We peeked into the political perspective of NSUI when we had a conversation with the National Media convener Neeraj Mishra. He quoted insulting statements of BJP politicians from the past.

Jan Ki Baat strongly thinks that such issues hold a higher purpose than just politics. Women safety is not limited to party discussion or an agenda for party elections but is the moral fundamental duty of every political party. The culprits should be strictly punished without any inclinations and biases.

Story by Akriti Bhatia

Assisted by Saurabh Kumar


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