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What exactly happened 3 days before independence day- 12 August 1947?

It was just 3 days left for India to gain independence to get free from the atrocities of the British. Indians became servants in their very own country with the advent of the British. But a prolonged fight against the British, Indians achieved their freedom, their independence. This is the same independence week going on where every single day matters. 12th August 1947 was a notable day in the history of India and Indian independence. Although the celebrations for coming 15th August already started, there were certain other events to take took place on this day which is lesser known. Here, we present those events that occurred on this day 70 years back.
Kashmir has always been a heated issue between India and Pakistan. The king of Kashmir, Raja Hari Singh proposed a ‘Standstill Agreement’ with both of the neighbouring nations. Finally, Kashmir became a part of the Indian subcontinent. Although there was this agreement between both the nations, still there were disputes in the valley. Even today Kashmir lies as a disputed land.

A great newspaper of those times, ‘Delhi dawn’, was set on fire on this day by Hindu extremists. Even the house of the editor, Altaf Hussain’s house was set afire.

Malda, West Bengal was also one of the hot issues of those times. This was the day when it was decided that Malda would remain under the Magistrate of East Pakistan on Sir Cyril Radcliffe’s recommendation.

The plan of the line that divides India and Pakistan i.e. the Radcliffe Line was laid on this very day.  It was named after its architect, Sir Cyril Radcliffe. Today its western side still serves as the Indo-Pakistani border and the eastern side serves as the India-Bangladesh border.

A large part of Nadia (West Bengal) district was given to Pakistan.


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