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This Independence Day, Boycott Chinese Products


India and China have been at loggerheads since very long. Whether it is the border invasion issue in Arunachal Pradesh or China’s well-thought strategies with Pakistan, the country has always segregated India. But when we look at us, our lives, our belongings are full of Chinese things. From clothes to accessories, toys to electronics, China has emerged as a leader in exporting goods. But the question that should be highlighted is that when China doesn’t accept the Indian goods when it is targeting India, why do we have to rely on Chinese products? India’s trade deficit with China amounts to $46.56bn as per January 2017. This amount is clear enough to understand that how China is trying to dominate us. Although, there are constant messages from the government to Boycott Chinese Products and boycott China. But these efforts seem to go waste as the customers are highly diverted to use Chinese products.

“We use Chinese products as they are cheap and they have a lot of variety”. While at the same time India is unable to deliver cheaper products with a range that the Chinese offers.

The manufacturers were asked as to why they support Chinese goods, “raw material is cheaper”. “The Chinese products have lesser manufacturing and labour costs, so they are available at a way down prices”.


“If the government cuts down the taxes levied, we will definitely sell more Indian goods, so that we too benefit from it”.


Why not the government set up more industries and increase the production and make the prices less instead of just asking to boycott China. Amendments have to be made everywhere when you wish to create a difference.



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