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Citizens are enraged on Gorakhpur murders and this is how they are responding

Featured Image: Cartoon by Nipin Narayan

The Gorakhpur tragedy is not just a tragedy but a case of mass murder and massacre as over 70 young kids have been killed at the BRD hospital in UP CM’s constituency due to alleged cut in oxygen supply, as a result of which enraged citizens have been storming social media, demanding justice for the tiny lives. Scroll down to see most heart rending tweets.

Jan Ki Baat received the following message from a concerned and agitated citizen, questioning negligence of the government.

In the age of hyper-active social media, demand for accountability from the authorities and government has become even more discrete and open.

This post mentions how “Chalta hai attitude” can no longer be accepted.

A storm of infuriated and emotional posts took to twitter; sending shivers down one’s spine. The following tweet got viral where Nilesh Mishra wrote this heart melting poem on how fortunate the parents of kids are who didn’t have to face this catastrophe.

Scroll on to hear the pained voices of citizens from across India taking out their anger on the ruling government, the CM and even the PM who is yet to give a statement on the issue.

Various hashtags are being run from #GorakhpurTragedy, #GorakhpurMurders, #GorakhpurMassacre, #GorakhpurGasTragedy. These are now being responded by #TruthofGorakhpur, aiming to defend the government and point out to “one-sided reporting” on the issue.





Many questions have been raised on why the outstanding amount with the oxygen company had not been cleared by the government hospital despite repeated notices, warnings and even threats to cut the oxygen supply.



In response, #TruthofGorakhpur is trending, bringing the issue Encephalitis that has been rampant in the past and why no one was talking about it when the CM has worked extensively on it.


Further, we see trolls, caricatures and cartoons going viral on social media too!






Even political parties have made radical statements, demanding resignation of top leadership.


Send us more reactions on Jan Ki Baat and let the authorities hear our impatient demands for justice and immediate action on this criminal negligence that will not be accepted. This is not what #IndiaAt70 wants to be like.




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