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Kids reacts to the Modi speech at Red Fort on Independence Day

Narendra Modi delivered an influential speech with the whole nation listening. Jan Ki Baat covered the Independence Day spectacle from among the citizens and found the ground level expectations from the youth of our country. Prime Minister introduced a new concept of “New India”  after Digita India and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

Jan Ki Baat asked the kids and we found the following take aways from the interesting conversation:

The education system must be improved and a competitive education must be eliminated with an alternate option.

Digital India must be emphasised through streamlining the funds for resources allocation.

Corruption has to be eliminated.

Move a step closer to protecting the environment.

India has the largest young human resource so the development and fulfilment of their expectation of that resource must the highest priority of Indian government.


Jan Ki Baat interviewed kids on their ideas and aspirations for the new India.

Watch the videos here:


The audience was a little bit disappointed as Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not emphasize


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