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Swine Flu showing up gradually in the Capital

The capital city has always been in news and every time with a different issue. This time what has affected the city is the H1N1 virus which is commonly known as ‘Swine flu’. It is one of those perilous diseases that require extra care and extra hygiene.

This year itself Delhi has received about 753 cases of Swine Flu as per 6th August. While talking of the nation, there have been 12,500 cases recorded with about 600 deaths. This figure is clearly stating the carelessness of the citizens regarding Swine Flu. The people are unaware of the how and why’s of the disease. They do not know the precautions and treatments for swine flu.

Well talking of the citizens, we can’t hold them responsible every time. If they are unknown to the disease, it is the responsibility of the government to take initiatives so as to make them familiar with the term and its symptoms and precautions as well.

People complained of the lack of facilities in the hospitals, even the beds are being shared among the patients. The staffs sometimes are co-operative while some are totally irresponsible. They rely on paracetamols if they incur fever or cold. But if it is pro longed, medical treatment must be sought after.

Even if some of the people knew or have heard of swine flu, they were unable to reach out to its causes and treatment. They held the government accountable for the following as they can see the ads for Dengue and chikungunya everywhere but there was no mention of Swine flu anywhere.

Till 9 July Delhi has recorded 4 deaths and the doctors are claiming that the toll can rise. The people should be made aware about the disease through banners, messages and every other possible way. The government and the citizens both have to take proper steps to combat the deadly virus.


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