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What is New India for the Dalit Samaj?

Jan Ki Baat on the 70th Independence Day took to the streets and as people, on the ground, about “what is New India for them”?
What do they want from New India and how can they contribute towards this New India.

Sanjay Kumar, a Jan who joined the protest claimed that true Independence for the youth is:

“Jab kaam ho
Aur uss kaam ke liye sahi daam ho”

(When there is work opportunity along with right wages for the work).

The largest youth population is the working class, most of whom are from backward communities, their addressing their aspirations is a must.

At the same time, it is important for this youth, not to take the wrong path of drugs and alcohol and spend wisely on the welfare and future of their families and kids.

The young women said that the primary concern for them is access to land, for shelter and livelihood.

The pressing concerns raised by the youth from the backward community were equality, equal treatment and equal opportunities for all.

The young kids there confessed that they were school dropouts and therefore the need for quality education for the young population is a big pillar of New India.

Secure future for the gen-next is a must across all segments of the society.

Final demand from the Dalit Youth at the protesting sight was the full implementation of the Constitution in letter and spirit. It is only then that the beautiful document could be converted into a beautiful country for all.


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