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Is Multiskilling a solution for the unemployed Railway youth?

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JanKi Baat has been thoroughly following the rRailway apprenticeship matter and has dug deep into the issue. We reached to have a conversation with the expert Mr. Santosh Mehrotra, Human Development Economist and expert at skill and labor.

He tried to explain the concept from a technical point of view.

His key points can be summarised as follows:

  • The protests are not wrong but they can’t claim the job on the basis of it as the act doesn’t guarantee them jobs, but the government has a moral responsibility towards the candidates to warn them beforehand that they won’t be employing them on an immediate basis.
  • Railway has a lot of unrequired staff. Railway requires a staff on a higher authority level and not on the lower
  • Also, jobs need to increase but not in the lower categories they have enough of them
  • You must get quality training in a field that yields results. The focus must be on multi-skilled labor so that if they cannot score jobs in government they still are viable for employment in other fields.




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