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Why are jobless apprentices not convinced with Ministry’s statement?

It was important to know what was the stand of the apprentices on the statements issued by the ministry.

  • The apprentices don’t want the examination to be conducted again because they could not afford because of scarce stipends as a few of them also have a family and other personal reasons.
  • The NFIR Union leader MR. B. C. Sharma is blaming privatization and external contracts in Railways behind this fuss. They are alleging the government of giving contracts to private companies and snatching jobs from government vacancies.
  • The apprentices are stating that the Ministry should not provide training if they do not intend to give the jobs.
  • The apprentices say they cannot find jobs outside Railways because of the specific nature of the training.
  • Protestors objected that the ministry is conducting the re-examination to gather money and
  • Also, the apprentices who have crossed their age limit will lose their chances to re-appear in the examinations.

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