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Railway Apprentices Unemployed: Zameen Pe Kya Chal Raha Hai

Jan Ki Baat brings to you the first episode of “Zameen Pe Kya Chal Raha Hai” (What’s going on on the ground)
with Pradip Bhandari.
This time it’s the thousands of aggrieved jobless railway apprentices begging for jobs in railways. Jan Ki Baat was the first media platform to pick their issue and dissect it in and out.
Railway Apprentice story impact
1. क्या आपने कभी सोचा है कि आपको नौकरी के लिए सड़क पर पैंट उतारनी होगी?
जमीन पर क्या चल रहा है?
2.  Catch the protesters live, desperate for jobs, removing pants, forming human chains, lying down in scorching heat demanding their “rights” (with slogans – Rozgaar do ya maut do, Saada Haq Aithe rakh)
Watch to hear their plea:
(Story reach to 1 Lakh people)
3. Know how the Railway ministry responded to the unemployment menace, speaking exclusively to Jan Ki Baat:
4. Do the Ministry’s statements address the concerns of apprentices and their leaders? No! Watch to know why!
5. Views of the expert on labor and skilling: Is Multi-skilling and sound education the ultimate solution?

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