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Follow Constitution of India, implement 2016 SC Order & examine Provision of trust Act: Pradip Bhandari on DD News


The Baba Ram Rahim rape verdict was followed by concrete discussions on the involvement of religion in politics and how and to what extent it must be restricted.

The Netas have played a big role in making these Babas more powerful. Jan Ki Baat Founder and CEO, Pradip Bhandari spoke to DD News and emphasised on the point on implementing the 2006 Supreme Court judgement and line out proper guidelines over the politicians who seek help from religious faces for votes or securing their vote bank.

Police at times become a tool for the ruling party and impartial actions towards the welfare of the society cannot be taken by police authorities as they are being controlled by political and religious elements on the back end.

Pradip Bhandari stated that political parties cannot land on a common ground the way they were reacting hesitantly on this issue.

Trusts must be revisited regarding their fund flow and source of their fundings.



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