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Can a Monk become a Chief Minister? Pradip Bhandari interviews Shantanu Gupta author -” The Monk who became the Chief Minister”.

Jan Ki Baat Founder Pradip Bhandari interviewed political analyst, Shantanu Gupta, on first ever biography on Yogi Adityanath, book titled “The Monk who became Chief Minister”. He uncovers all the aspects of CM’s life from his childhood to becoming the CM of Uttar Pradesh. The unexpected candidate was not known to many. He might not be a popular political face but is known for his works in Gorakhpur monastery. He was known to be more of a monk than a politician. The book unfolds the life of Yogi Adityanath in four stages: In the first, the current life of him serving as the CM of Uttar Pradesh is discussed. In the second, Shantanu discusses his life as a parliamentarian from Gorakhpur. His electoral victories, religious conversions, his relationship with BJP and much more. The third phase discusses his life as a monk in Gorakhpur. While the fourth one talks about Yogi’s early days and his upbringing in the hills of Uttarakhand among cows, farms, and mountains.


Some unknown facts about CM Yogi:

• He was planning to join Student’s Federation of India (SFI)

• Being a monk, he has been a great parliamentarian

• People tagged him as a communal leader, but he will counter that

• He was quite shy in his early days• He has always respected women

• For a few days, every news channel had the Gorakhpur gas tragedy. But it is unknown to people that Yogi Adityanath is the person who raised the issue of Japanese encephalitis the most.⁠

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The Monk Who Became Chief Minister

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