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“Article 35A created a land of injustice”: Former Governor of J&K

Jan Ki Baat Founding Partner, Akriti Bhatia interviewed panellists at the screening of a documentary on the much debated Article 35A. It was a documentary directed by Kamakhaya Narayan Singh organized by Jammu Kashmir Study Circle.

The screening took place at the Auditorium, Nehru Memorial Museum & Library, Teen Murti Bhawan, New Delhi on 2nd September.
1. The event welcomed Shri Jagmohan, Former Governer J&K & Former Union Minister as the Chief Guest; and Sudhir Chaudhary, Editor-in-chief of Zee News as the Guest of honor.
2. Also, Shri Jagdeeep Dhankar, Sr. Advocate and Former Union minister was invited as the Keynote speaker.
3. As the Chairperson, Padmashri JL Kaul, President J&K Study centre, took the seat.
4. Article 35A deprives the West Pakistan Refugees, Dalits, Gorkhas and Women of their Fundamental Rights in Jammu and Kashmir.
5. It gives special powers to those citizens granted permanent resident status. The question here is how can some people get special powers over others?
6. “It had created a land without justice. A land of plurality and Cruelty. It was done intentionally.”- Shri Jagmohan
7. “We can’t have a fundamental right in our constitution which deprives a section of people of their fundamental rights. Those who introduced it committed a ‘historic blunder’”- Shri Jagdeep Dhankar
8. “It is creating injustice to a large section of people and the Supreme Court should deliver justice.”- Sudhir Chaudhary
9. “I met a 70 year old and he told that, ‘My kids scold me for living in J&K?’. It touched me. People who live on borders should enjoy the same rights as we do”- Kamakhaya Narayan Singh
10. “We want an exchange on this topic and not a conflict. The people suffering injustice must be served with Justice. We want the matter to be resorted fast.” –Ashutosh Bhatnagar
11. Article 35A was added in the constitution without being discussed and debated in the parliament.
12. The Supreme Court needs to issue Justice to thousands of people living in Jammu and Kashmir.

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