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Young Founder & CEO Pradip Bhandari Of Jan ki Baat addresses over 1.5 lakh shiksha mitra fighting for their lost jobs and livelihood.

Pradip Bhandari, Founder & CEO, Jan Ki Baat addressed more than 2 lakh shiksha mitra at Jantar Mantar.

They are told after serving 17 years that you are not eligible for the work along with a decrement in their salaries.

On July 25th, 2017, Supreme Court held that UP siksha mitra s have to give the formal examination with the teachers. They will have to pass 2 attempts.

This decision was based on the High Court ruling on 12 September 2015 which disapproved 1.78 shiksha mitra in the state.

“The people who are taking the level of education up, who are building the future of kids, why are they facing such discrimination?”

“Their owners are suffering due to their helplessness.”- Pradip BhandariHe positively encouraged the protesters by voicing slogans like, ‘Awaaz Do, Hum Ek Hain.’

He took the matter not as a media person but as a young Indian who is witnessing that the people taking education to a next level are treated like this.

“Why not make these Shiksha mitra the teachers and paid equally?”

“When Politicians are earning in lakhs, why are sikhsha mitras- the makers of India are paid so less?”

“The SC Manifesto says that the State Government will give us as many benefits keeping as shiksha mitra.

CM Yogi made a committee on 5th August and assured us that our demands will be adhered to.

We were ditched on the Teacher’s Day. We have come all the way from Lucknow.”- Victim.They

They are fighting for equal rights and dignity and they will continue until they achieve success.Many of them have lost their lives committing suicides. There have been about 150 suicides till now. How much more are going to sacrifice their lives in pursuit of their dignity?Jan Ki Baat brings to you the stories from the Jan. Stay tuned for more.


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