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Left vs Right debate show exclusively on Jan ki Baat. All you need to know about JNU elections 2017.

Pradip Bhandari, Founder, and CEO, Jan Ki Baat held a panel on JNU elections. A debate on Left vs Right.
On the panel were Abhinav Prakash, assistant Professor at DU and Gunja Kapoor, Political Policy analyst and Akriti Bhatia, Founding Partner of Jan KI Baat and ex-student, JNU.
As the President is Geeta Kumari of Left with 1506 votes.
Ridhi Tripathi, ABVP with 1042 votes.
Shabana Ali, BAFSA with 935 votes.


On VP post, again the left is winning with 1876 votes.
Yogesh Kumar with 1028 votes.
Subodh Kunwar, BAFSA with 910 votes.

For GENERAL SECRETARY post, Left won by 2082 votes.
For JOINT SECRETARY again, the left is leading.
ABVP combined has got more than 4000 votes in JNU.
“Some years back AISA & SFI have defeated ABVP with a margin of 1500 votes. With the emergence of BAFSA, JNU has become a more democratic campus than before.”- Abhinav Prakash
“Democratic system defines a lot what Left stands for. It is more about issue-based politics. Ye Rajniti ki nahi Chatraniti ki jeet thi”- Gunja Kapoor
“During my life in JNU, I saw posters with all AISA, SFI. DSF claiming that we are a unique student politics out here. The patch-up is something that amuses us. Have created a better left or a diluted one? That is something we can talk of.”- Akriti Bhatia
AISA and SFI contested together along with DSF (jokers): Abhinav Prakash’s post.
“Saurabh Sharma’s views were rejected by a publication saying that we are not compelled to publish your views.” This is media bias for the right. – Abhinav Prakash
“There are certain progressive things in JNU which are not there anywhere in the country.”- Akriti Bhatia
“There are hardly any OBC Professors in the university in spite of reservation.”- Abhinav Prakash
“When you bring left in the picture, you are seen as a representation of backward, oppressed. But the idea of de-class is to himself.”- Akriti Bhatia
“This class hypocrisy in the left is happening because most the students in social studies come from the elite background. In a closed room, the left talks of dividing India.”- Abhinav Prakash
“Left party has the maximum number if disclosed donations. These elections are not about ideology but issues.”- Gunja Kapoor
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