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Dynasty politics cannot be a norm in India: Pradip Bhandari on DD News Do Took

Pradip Bhandari, Founding Partner and CEO Jan Ki Baat participated in the DD News Show ‘Do Took’. The show was hosted by Ashok Shrivastava.

The debate was based on Rahul Gandhi’s statement on Dynastic Politics at UC Berkeley, USA.

Rahul Gandhi’s latest visit and his statements have generated a spark in the Indian politics over the question of Nepotism.

Rahul Gandhi said that Liberal Journalists are being killed, Dalits are being lynched, and Muslims are killed on mere doubt of keeping beef.

“Today not as a journalist but a youth of the nation, I am very upset on the fact that in a nation known for B R Ambekar, Nepotism will prevail instead of merit.”- Pradip Bhandari

India runs on Dynasty, said Rahul Gandhi. He also said that he is ready to contest for the PM post.

“He smirked and said that ‘Ye to chalta hai’, this is really upsetting. You are giving example of Abhishek Bacchan who is a failed star. What are you trying t show?”

“When you are abroad, you are representing India. You are an Indian politician first and then Congress Chief. He has shown that when it comes to politics, he may cross any limit.”

“There are elections going to be held recently in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, he must visit the areas and his constituencies. But Mr. Gandhi is visiting UC Berkeley. 15 days before elections, he ‘ll come and deliver speeches.”

“And then they expect their government to win.”

His statements were highly criticised by the other politicians and opposition parties.

Smriti Irani, Textile Minister said, “A Failed product of nepotism has described his failed political journey in America. He insulted the people of India.”

This is how Pradip Bhandari reacted to his statements.

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