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We live in KoodeWaliDelhi: Jan Ki Baat’s KoodaTracker Results

Apathy of citizens along with lack of accountability and delivery of MCD in Delhi are responsible for KoodeWaliDelhi

Key issues identified and Delhi’s performance on them

ISSUE 1: “Kooda Ghar”

ISSUE 2: MCD Vans (for garbage collection)

ISSUE 3: Civic sense

 ISSUE 4: Local Authorities

Jan Ki Baat’s recommendations on improving the sanitation situation in Delhi based on the case studies undertaken (attached below)

  1. CCTV cameras to be installed (ones that work and get monitored) outside each kooda ghar.
  2. Kooda ghar’s locations should be away from residential and market places.
  3. Kooda ghar should be adequately closed to avoid smell and spill overs on the road (be walled or fenced)
  4. Even MCD vans should be adequately closed to avoid smell, flies and diseases
  5. Increase frequency of garbage collection vans in maximum localities
  6. Devising a complaint redressal mechanism, that addresses the complaints sin 24 hours.
  7. MCD van booking service be set in place: wherein vans can be pre-booked as per need (say at occasions of private functions, where more garbage is likely to be generated)
  8. “Name and Shame” campaign among resident citizens to promote civic sense, by shaming those who litter their environment (by openly taking their pic while doing so, posting and tagging on social media)
  9. Waste segregation (dry/wet/bio-degradable/plastic) practices to be promoted at the household level – awareness and sensitization campaigns
  10. Standardized packaging of the segregated waste before disposal be made a norm
  11. Need for a transparent platform to track daily garbage collection, its costs incurred, and expenditure on complete waste disposal
  12. Promoting decomposition of waste at the local kooda ghar itself. This could help in preventing garbage dumping
  13. Adherence to norms and best practices – safety equipments provided to Safai Karamcharis; permissible limits of garbage collected at landfill sites not be breached; to name a few.


Intelligent Public Sentiment Analysis report by Akriti Bhatia, Pradip Bhandari and Saurav Kumar



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