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Its not just about data privacy,but about data sovereignty:Know how to protect your data


Jan Ki Baat founder and CEO, Pradip Bhandari interviewed Ranjeet Rane and Kazim Rizvi, entrepreneurs who founded online policy portal “The DIalogue”, talk all about data privacy, cyber security and data sovereignty.

They are also into cyber security and Ranjeet Rane generally writes articles on cyber world.

Recently Supreme Court declared ‘Right to Privacy’ a fundamental right. So, it is equally important that whatever we do online be protected.


Making Data Privacy a law is also in progress which is expected to come out at least in draft form, till December. So, this app can be a step towards the future.

Here are the key points from the interview-

  • Our identity is linked to different things like our name, mobile, email. If we go in more detail, it can be iris scan, thumb print etc.
  • Adhaar is required to avail most of the government services.

Is the Adhaar requirement and privacy, two contrary things?

  • According to the latest judgement, wherever your data is going, the third party using it has to take your concern.

  • Another judgement panel has been appointed to discuss on the Adhaar and privacy issue.
  • This judgement is basically about Data protection

The terms and conditions on social sites state that we are sharing your data outside. How can I protect my Data?

  • When you click on ‘I agree’, it means you have given your consent

  • There is a term ‘Informed consent’ which carries simple points sharing where your information would go and how it would be used.

.Is it also important for social sites to mention how many clients are they sharing the info with?

  • If you look out for a product on shopping sites, you get the ads for the same genre of products for next few days.
  • Everything about you is recorded in a server which is not in India.
  • ‘We chat’ gives all the personal data to China.
  • There should be a firewall where are data be encrypted and safe.

At times, internet services are closed in the name of national security. What should be the immediate recourse for the citizens then?

  • There should be a constitutional Data Protection Body to regulate such situations.

“Data protection Law must have Data Sovereignty. It should be Individual Centric.”- Ranjeet Rane

Cyber security is a must thing in this world where everything is going cyber. Yes, but it too requires precautions and safety.

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Interviewed by Pradip Bhandari


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