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Data-driven, evidence-based policy-making is the goal of CPL: Prateek Kanwal

Jan Ki Baat Founder and CEO, Pradip Bhandari had an exclusive video call interview with Prateek Kanwal, Founder of Citizens for Public Leadership, who emphasized on data-driven policy-making that is ideology-agnostic.

Prateek Kanwal wrote a letter to PM Narendra Modi on which PM has said “We do not need Harvard but hard work.”

He is a student at the Harvard University. This interview focuses to know his idea of making the Citizens for Public Leadership and what is the theme of that.

“There are hard working individuals who care for the country as our PM does.”- Prateek Kanwal

Here are a few extracts from the interview-

Q1. Were the policy steps taken by the government a pertinent factor in the formation of Citizens for Public Leadership?

  • The idea was to initiate discussions on public policy. And so all the voices will come together.

Q2. There are so many think tanks in India, how will CPL be different?

  • They are metro based organisations. We want to engage with more and more people and bridge the gap between academia and youth.

Q3. What is the idea behind including Gurmeher Kaur as it seems to get single-sided ideologically?

  • We want to keep out the ideology and work rationally. This is the sole idea of CPL.

Q4. If someone joins your course, how will one be living out of it?

  • We have created a platform where they will be taught at their preferred time at a minimal cost. We will give them the skills.

Q5. What are the 3 points that you can expect from this course?

  • We can expect skills. Other thing is access to network. Third is to understand the mindsets to know what it takes to be a public leader.

“We want data-driven ideology-agnostic policy-making for the youth”- Prateek Kanwal. For more such stories, follow Jan Ki Baat.

Interviewed by Pradip Bhandari


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