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Gandhi’s birthplace Porbandar is calm but eager to change the political scenario in Gujarat

The birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, Porbandar has full faith in BJP’s developmental agenda. A majority of people are willing to see BJP’s rule in Gujarat once again.

स्थान – पोरबंदर विधानसभा, जिला पोरबंदर
रिपोर्टर जय जी के साथ हमारे अन्य रिपोर्टर शादाब खान की खास रिपोर्ट
दिनांक – 24-11-2017
विधानसभा चुनाव दिनांक – 09-12-2017
फेज – 1
वर्तमान विधायक (2012 –) बाबूभाई बोखारिया (BJP)
कुल वोटर संख्या – 223590

Team Jan ki Baat headed to a very special and sacred place for the people of India. During its journey to collect public opinion, team ‘Jan ki Baat‘ reached at the Birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi. Porbandar is a coastal city of Gujarat where main occupation of the people is fishing. There is a huge community of fishermen in Porbandar and this time they don’t look like to be happy with the rule of BJP in Gujarat. Apart from those majority of people; some do have full faith in BJP. Porbandar will make a golden path for BJP.

Team ‘Jan ki Baat‘ with reporter Jay Ji and Shadab Khan entered the sacred place – the paternal house of Mahatma Gandhi. It is known as Kirti Mandir today. It is situated in the heart of the Porbandar, the Manek Chowk – a busy marketplace of the city. Porbandar is well famous in the whole world as it is the hometown of Mahatma Gandhi. It touches the Arabian sea and spread all the calmness to its citizen. As we entered the temple – kirti mandir, we felt a special kind of satisfaction within our hearts. We talked to some visitors and some workers serving here for a long time now. These people were very proud of doing their job. A tourist who came from Punjab told us that she had read about Mahatma Gandhi in books only but after coming here she could felt the sensation of his ideas.

After talking about their experience from the visitors and workers inside the temple, we moved to do election reporting. Just outside the Kirti Mandir, there is a good market place which is a perfect place to understand the pulse of the people. We entered into a jewelry shop and asked about the ongoing developmental programs in Porbandar. “Development has happened but at a very slow rate. There is a lot of work that is still to be done,” he said.

On the question of Modi, he looked confident to see him coming to power at centre once again in 2019. Although he talked about the negative impact of GST on market, yet he showed full faith in the BJP government. Most people admitted the bad impact of GST and demonetisation but they were of the opinion that there were some long-term benefits of these policies, which people will see in the coming years. “Kuch asar to zarur hua hai par dhire dhire sab sahi ho jayega”, a shopkeeper said when asked about the impact of GST. Some people also complained about poor roads and hospitals. 

In Porbandar, most of the people are dedependant upon fishing business. They are known as Madwa. We also went to them and asked about their views. A Fisherman told us that people of Porbandar are very unhappy with the BJP Government. He spoke about boat transportation issue, international water issues with Pakistan and how fishermen were struggling to earn their daily bread.

Fishermen highlighted their issues and looked unhappy and unsatisfied with BJP while traders, shopkeepers, businessmen and local public supported BJP. Even though they admitted slow rate of development in Porbandar, still they were confident about the return of BJP Government in the state.


Story By: Shadab Khan & Sparsh Upadhyay.


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