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What to expect from ‘Jan Ki Baat’ in 2018 and further? Read about our Road-map

With Gujarat Assembly Election 2017 coming to an end, we would like to thank all of our viewers and readers who were instrumental in making our Election reporting in Gujarat a huge success. Our Opinion & Exit Poll on Gujarat Assembly Election 2017 was well received by all of you and more than 50 media platforms covered them. Now, many of our viewers are asking about our future plans; since you all know that we deliver accurate ground reports and when it comes to elections we try to be as close to reality as possible. 

So in coming months, Jan Ki Baat will be covering 3 assembly elections at a very massive scale, and we would double our target, which means sample size of opinion and exit poll would be double that is 1 lakh people. We have put 10 million viewership target as well.

We are going to make ‘Jan Ki Baat’, a very strong youth oriented value property and we will be coming up with Online Ground Reportage (OGR), Strategic analysis along with Strategic inputs and Opinion & Exit polls in each and every election that we cover. We will also be organizing exclusive Election events in every state. We will primarily be targeting Rajasthan and Madhya-Pradesh in later half of 2018; we might also target either Tripura or Meghalaya. We also plan to cover Assembly election in Chhattisgarh. But the most important election that we would be targeting will be Karnataka, the coverage of which shall start by Mid-February. We also plan to reach out to the people of more than 500+ constituency for our General Elections coverage in 2019; the coverage of which shall start by the first week of January 2019. There shall be exclusive interviews of the leaders in each of the constituencies in the states that we cover for our election reportage.

Meanwhile, we will be coming up with ‘Topic of the Week’ show, where we shall be discussing topics that concern all of us; we would do a live reportage of the same. We would also be doing our most popular show ‘Zameen Par Kya Chal Raha Hai?”. To read our first ‘Topic of Week’ discussion,click here.

We are also going to expand our team and hence we will be hiring bright, young & talented people who would be assisting us in covering the Karnataka Assembly Election 2018. We expect to broadcast our live reportage in English, Hindi and Kannada language and we expect our prospective employees to keep themselves well versed with the overall political and geographical situation in Karnataka. As of now, the hiring of our prospective employees shall be with respect to Karnataka election.

In 2018, ‘Jan Ki Baat’, shall also be going for Investment Ground and we will try to realise our ‘Vision 543’, which is to make ‘Jan Ki Baat’, the ‘Biggest Youth Oriented on Ground Platform’ in India. We would not restrict ourselves to only one medium; we aim to go for strategic tie-ups with different wings of the media/different broadcasting platforms in coming months.

At last, we would like to thank Republic TV & NavGujarat Samay (in Gujarat) who were instrumental in making our Opinion and Exit Poll (backed with 50,000 sample size) quite popular not only in Gujarat but Nationwide.

We would also like to thank all of our reporters, Jay Engineer, Aniruddh Gopal Sharma, Amit Pandey, Shadab Khan. Also, we would like to acknowledge the efforts put in by our content writers, Rushi Bhimani & Sparsh Upadhyay.

Jan Ki Baat’ also aims at becoming a writing platform as well as an on ground PR wing. We have a vision of becoming a ‘Complete 360 Degree Media Solution Company’. We wish to employ young people who could be rated by our viewers and readers through various means so that it turns out to be a two way communication. And by this way we would engage our viewers and readers as well.

If you wish to apply for any of the posts at ‘Jan ki Baat’, do write to us at [email protected] .


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