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Movie Review GOLD:  A story of hope and patriotism !

A story of hope and patriotism


Akshay Kumar has attempted something brave here. He has kept a low makeup look in this movie and has allowed the camera to focus on his ageing. Many mainstream stars will be scared of doing so even today.

The most epic moment of Gold came when in the climax the national anthem plays and the audience in the theater where I was watching it stood up without any prompt. Such moments of cinema are the most befitting reply to the cynics who keep telling us why would people want to stand up for national anthem in a cinema hall.

The movie starts from the point where the colonized India wins a game in Germany and yet the anthem that plays is that of the British. Akshay Kumar’s Tapan Das then speaks these epic lines of the movie which say – you are not free !

A decade later Tapan gets his chance when olympics are announced again. Tapan sets on a journey of building a team when a nation going through birth pangs and the tragedy of partition.

After all challenges of politics in sports administration and ego clashes in players the team wins a Gold and two generations find redemption in the victory. The movie moves at a distinct pace which is neither too fast nor too slow and once the story starts building on you , you do not take eyes off the screen.

The production values are good and the period settings are well placed. The climax final game is not exactly a nail biter like a Lagaan but has some epic moments like what the players do when it is raining. You add some great dialogues around patriotism and at least two good songs and Gold is a complete entertainment package.

A must watch this weekend, my rating 4 stars.

Review By- Rahul Deo Bharadwaj


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