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Laila Majnu will stretch your last brain nerve: jan ki baat movie review


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Laila Majnu – this one will stretch your last brain nerve!

Laila Majnu is a good test of your patience and grit.Let me tell you why. This movie has a simple two line story. Rich boy falls in love with Rich girl. Families fight both die. If you can sit through this two line story movie which is stretched into 140 odd minutes of pathetic story telling then you have passed your test. Look at the bright side too if you watch this one on a weekend evening you will sleep like a baby and wake up fresh on a Sunday.

The movie has a rank third class screenplay which moves about one tenth the speed of the slowest snail known to mankind. You could watch the movie for five minutes. Grab a popcorn in the food stall go out for a walk. Get your phone recharged and the movie still would not have moved from where you left it.

The movie is set in Kashmir and for a change they also show you the normal roads of Kashmir not just the Dal Lake so that will increase your knowledge. The movie is also a lesson that love means pain means madness.

Majnu goes mad in the end and much before him you would be pulling your hair too cause you know that once again a bollywood producer has trapped you into buying a ticket and giving this tragedy two hours and more from your life.

This one is only produced by Imtiyaz Ali and is directed by Sajid Ali. The good part is Sajid Ali will not be blamed for making the first dragging bore for Imitiyaz Ali’s banner.

Parmeet Sethi got a good role after a long time and that probably is the only good thing about this movie.

Go ahead and watch this one if you find scenes like a man generally wandering around in woods talking to an imaginary woman enticing and romantic.

One star for the effort of the lead pair , they really gave their everything to this no screenplay and a directionless movie.


Review By- Rahul Deo Bharadwaj



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