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Paltan has to offer just a bunch of screaming men: JAN KI BAAT MOVIE REVIEW


Paltan is a bunch of screaming men on screen with nothing to offer !

Paltan is basically a big opportunity lost. In fact in one of the scenes in the climax Jackie Shroff is screaming to himself “where is the Artilery?” and at that point of time you as an audience are screaming and asking where is the screenplay? Paltan is a 2 hour 35 odd minute long movie with practically no screenplay. The movie moves the same way JP Dutta’s earlier classic Border moved . However Border had a momentum building screenplay. Paltan has absolutely nothing.

The director took a brave call by getting in some good actors like Harshvardhan and Gurmeet but then when you take new actors you need to develop them with strong screenplay. Paltan lacks that and audiences do not connect with the emotions of the characters at all.

The biggest weak point of Paltan is that the build up to the actual skirmish and then the actual skirmish are so weakly delivered that the whole movie looks like a directionless boat which suddenly sinks. At every point the screenplay is the villain. This movie could have had such thrilling cat and mouse elements which are totally missed here.

The climax is a text book case of what a movie should not be doing.There are unnecessary scenes of pain among the dead soldiers families. Now sure they could have been good scenes with emotional depths. In fact the scenes are reduced to comical level where Luv Sinha keeps walking in with a asthi kalash in hand at multiple places/homes like a hostess who keeps waling in with a trophy on an award function night. In fact one lady sitting in a farm land refusing to buy that her partner is dead is nerve split levels of overacting.

This is a war movie and JP Dutta movies were once known for brilliant action choreography in this one you see a few soldiers looking for a safe spot and then falling while they were pushed some five seconds ago !

One star for this movie and that too because I am and shall remain a JP Dutta fan. This movie does not take away what he has done in the past.

Review By- Rahul Deo Bharadwaj



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