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Alqaeda’s entry in Nupur Sharma row: Who put national security at stake?

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Toolkit gang’s motivated and agenda driven anti India campaign has put security of Indians at risk

Our country has been through a lot. It has seen years of repression, struggles, invasions, destruction of temples, degradation of civilisational ethos & years of internal strifes.

Inspite of this, our country stands strongly among growling adversities.

Today our country is again at the crossroads of history where odds are simply stacked up against 130 crore Indians. An 85 second clip of BJP Spokesperson Nupur Sharma from a TV debate has been blown out of proportion, amplified on social media and in a coordinated manner escalated to embarrass the nation. Those involved in this cheap drill have definitely won round 1. At least 15 muslim majority nations have issued statements condemning the comments and quite a few countries even summoned our envoys seekung an explanation.

Indian Government on its part has outrightly rejected the comments as comments made by ‘fringe elements’ in the ruling party, BJP as a party suspended spokespersons Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal. It has now issued strict guidelines for its spokespersons appearing on TV debates. While the Opposition, a certain section in the media & certain lobbies have been gleefully cheering this global embarrassment, what they’ve overlooked is the dangerous national security implication their hate campaign has had.

AQIS – Al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent has nose dived in the issue – threatening to carry out terror attacks in the Indian states of Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai and Delhi. In a threat letter dated June 6, the AQIS said it would launch suicide attacks to ‘fight for the honour of the Prophet’

The letter goes on to say –

‘We warn every audacious and impudent foul mouth of the world, especially the Hindutva terrorists occupying Indian that we should fight for the dignity of our Prophet, we should urge others to fight and die for the honour of our Prophet, we should kill those who affront our Prophet and we should bind explosives with our bodies and the bodies of our children to blow away the ranks of those who dare to dishonour our Prophet’

Global security analysts have highlighted how in the past incitement campaigns by Al-Qaeda have resulted in 2008 suicide car bombing of the Danish embassy in Islamabad and the 2015 Charli Hebdo terror attack in Paris, in which 12 people were killed over publication of cartoons.

Before this threat by Al-Qaeda, Pakistani Twitter handle named ‘Labbaikians TV’ which is a propaganda channel of Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) – announced a cash reward of Pakistani Rupees 5 million which is around Rs 20 lakhs to anyone who would behead Nupur Sharma for allegedly committing ‘blasphemy’.

Unsurprisingly, the Arab world that went to town over the now suspended spokesperson’s blasphemous comments – hasn’t uttered a word against Al-Qaeda. It has conveniently ignored the terrorist organisation’s threat to strap explosives on the bodies of children and blow them up in Indian cities.

I’m very sure our security forces & the administration is more than capable averting any threat to national security. But should we not look at the bigger picture that’s unravelling in our country right now?

Anti India toolkit has become a critical part of the Information Warfare led by India’s enemies across the border. ISI and its proganda machinery is getting oxygen from certain sections of the ecosystem within India. Vested interests have tried very hard to project India as an anti Muslim country on international platforms – through this episode – if nothing they’ve got attention from Islamic nations with whom India over the years built good diplomatic ties. It’s astonishing that nations with abysmally low human rights records have started lecturing India on Religious Freedom and Tolerance.

Vested lobbies & Congress party knows it cannot defeat Narendra Modi electorally. It is crystal clear they egged on foreign players, especially Gulf Nations into the issue. By making this numero uno issue, they are trying to diminish every good work the government has done.

India shouldn’t allow foreign powers to interfere domestic issues including matters of faith and religion. It sets a wrong precedent and perceptionally puts India at a position of weakness



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