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Reporting Exclusively From Khero Gav Bundelkhand, Up

The Founder of Jan Ki Baat, Pradip Bhandari, is exclusively reporting for the viewers from Khero Gaav in Bundelkhand, Uttar Pradesh. The village has been provided electricity, which has worked in their favour. However, other important developmental issues continue to persist and pain the residents. The older generation has not been given their allowances under the Pension schemes. Besides these hurdles in pension payments, the children, the younger generation do not go to the village schools; “what will they do by going to the school?”, asks a lady. Water, too, is a problem- residents have to stand in queues near the village hand-pump for drinking water. The canal in the village has dried entirely because of the past droughts.

The presence of electricity is a positive marker of the efforts of the village officials at providing one of the primary amenities to the people. Water, however, or lack thereof, poses a serious problem for the residents of Khero Gaav. Waiting for their chance, the risk of emptied hand-pump etc. are few of the obvious problems. Pension, extremely vital for the survival of the old, has to be processed and paid in a systematic manner. Children have to be enrolled in schools for them to have atleast a chance at getting equal opportunities in the future. Neither the CM of the State, nor the Central government’s schemes have been able to reach, much less benefit, the villagers of Khero Gaav.

Jan Ki Baat hopes to make its viewers more aware of the condition certain rural regions have been living in for ages, without any hope for change. We wish for the citizens of Khero Gaav to be provided with atleast the basic amenities necessary for leading dignified lives.


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