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Why Do The Villagers Travel 10 Km Daily For Water To The Bordering State? Why Doesn’T The Local Mla Staying Nearby Take Any Action At Tikamgarh, Mp?

Mudara Village in Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh, exemplifies certain problems within the administrative framework of the State. Pradip Bhandari, the Founder of Jan Ki Baat, spoke to a few of the residents of Mudara who supplied us with shocking information; the Vidyut Nigam, or Electricity Board, of Jabalpur has issued electricity bills of the village even though the village has not had electricity since 2006. The electric towers that are constructed in the village do not have transformers fit in, implying that the village has no access to electricity. A notice has been issued by the local court asking the residents to pay the bill, upon the failure of which an enquiry would be set up. The officials have asked for 5000 rupees as commission, or to state simply, as a bribe. The local MLA who lives just 6 kilometres away has heard the grievances and complaints, according to the residents, but it has yielded no result.

The commodities, including water, that reach the Madhya Pradesh village, all arrive from the adjacent state of Uttar Pradesh. The 5 kilometre walk that the residents have to undertake for water is a tragic anecdote in the story of independent India. Tankers could be made available so that water-related problems disappear.

Pradip Bhandari on behalf of the villagers requests the CM of MP to take cognisance of the plight of his villagers since the district’s MLA refuses to respond.


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