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Amir Khan’s transformative journey

Amir Khan’s physical transformative journey for his movie Dangal has been noticeable by all. Pradip Bhandari, the CEO and Founder of Jan Ki Baat, helps us see Amir Khan’s exercise routine before and during the making of the film. Khan says that 80% of Dangal required the healthier version of him, where he weighed 95+ kg and 38% body fat. Amir says he chose to shoot the latter part of life of Mahavir Phogat, the character he’s playing; the younger, fitter version of Amir then would be shot later, motivating him to lose weight. The former part of the movie has the fit actor with 9.6% body fat. Wrestling and training weren’t the only issues that Amir encountered. Even breathing had slowed down when Amir Khan gained more weight. His trainer spoke of his diet plans and the plan’s oscillation during different phases of the film, hinting at the well-planned out nature of characters as well as actors.

Dangal, to be realised in December 2016, dramatizes the Phogat sister’s arrival into Indian wrestling scene. Narrating Mahavir Phogat’s struggle to encourage his daughters to become wrestlers and the obstacles that he and his daughters encounter, forms the primary content of Dangal.

Amir’s rejecting the director’s suggestion of wearing a bodysuit implies on his work ethic, aimed at him being able to faithfully deliver a realist rendition of the Phogat family. Nitesh Tiwari’s praising Amir is justified when one gets a glimpse at how Amir conducts himself as an actor and the rigorous physical as well as mental labour he puts himself through.


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