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MP Rajeev Chandrasekher talks about 26/11: A Remembrance Event

Rajeev Chandrashekhar, a Member of Parliament, converses with Akriti Bhatia, co-Founder of Jan Ki Baat, on 26/11, a Remembrance event, regarding the Bill proposed by Chandrashekhar. This Private Member’s Bill aims to hold Pakistan’s sponsoring of terrorism. Primary intention of the Bill is to emphazise Pakistan’s role in 26/11 so the State can be “ousted and exposed” for its support of the terrorists that continue to harm Indian citizens. The Bill attempts to highlight Pakistan’s lack of accountability by using economic as well as diplomatic means. The message that the Bill seeks to affirm is “national determination and resolve” to hold involved parties accountable for their actions.

The Declaration of States as Sponsors of Terrorism Bill was proposed in 2016 by Chandrashekhar, after the Uri terror attack that resulted in the death of 19 soldiers. The Bill, if accepted, would function as reminder and would use a variety of tools to formalize its Declaration; it would withdraw the Most Favourable Nation(MFN) status given to Pakistan by India, a status that remains unreciprocated; it would also put restrictions on business trading between India and Pakistan, bringing to standstill most of the economic activities that the two nations partake in. Monet transfers, too, would, be prohibited between its citizens.

Pakistan’s role in 26/11 is undeniable and yet it continues to evade legal as well as moral accountability. This Bill seeks to reiterate Pakistan’s evading tactics.


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