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Major protest after post ticket distribution by BJP in UP Elections

The BJP leader Hari Shankar Mahor was fielded by his party in to represent Hathras in the Up Elections 2017. Post-ticket distribution, the Agra road saw a giant group of BJP workers assembling to challenge Mahor’s candidature and demanding the Party to field a new candidate. The group’s leader charged Mahor with defection, corruption and a number of other issues, disproving the BJP’s choice of candidature. Effigies of Mahor were burnt by the Party workers to voice their discomfort.

The BJP came out with its 1st list of candidates for the UP Elections of 2017, for 149 constituencies. The UP Elections are to be held in February 2017 and continue till March. The BJP has many oppositional parties: the current ruling Samajwadi Party’s pre-poll alliance with the Congress poses a threat to the BJP, as does Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Party, which sees the 2017 Elections as a way to redeem itself, politically.

Will the BJP take into account their agitated Party workers’ requests and give the ticket for Hathras to another candidate, remains to be seen.


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