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Question on Congress MLA for the method of acquiring money for his campaigning in Jhansi

Jan Ki Baat seeks to ask the Congress MLA from Jhansi, Mr. Rahul Rai about the sources of funding for his campaign that could afford dozens of cars for his prachaar and rallies. Rahul Gandhi’s speeches in Uttar Pradesh usually do reveal his disapproval of Modi government and Demonetization. Gandhi often compares himself to the members of poverty-ridden classes when he recently showed his torn kurta to the people at one of his rallies. Jan Ki Baat attempts to understand this contradiction.

Uttar Pradesh Elections 2017 are soon becoming a source for redemption; not only for the BSP but also for the Congress, which is banking on its before-scams image. Congress has already formed a pre-poll alliance with the Samajwadi Party. UP’s 403 seat assembly will open itself as a battleground for many political leaders.

Rai’s expenditure on his campaigning does hint at an alternate reality than what the Congress is trying to project; how did the Congress leader get such a huge amount of money when the Election Commission has put a limit on funds, and especially when the VP of Congress has politically declared his poverty?


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