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BJP will win the UP Elections: Narottam Misra

Nurottam Mishra, a Bhartiya Janata Party leader and a cabinet minister in the Madhya Pradesh government, predicts the reason behind his political party’s win in the upcoming Uttar Pradesh Elections. His constituency, Datia, is adjacent to UP’s Jhansi just 24 kilometres away. Though he’s a minister in another State’s cabinet, he seemed pretty sure of the BJP’s win in UP as well. Proof behind his prediction? The sparkling eyes of his listeners. Mr Mishra went on to cite the BJP’s achievements.

The Uttar Pradesh Elections of 2017 are important for the BJP to win, not only because of the mere size of the State, which undoubtedly would look like a victory in the BJP’s kitty; there are other factors involved which demand the party to win UP: this would be the first election post Narendra Modi’s demonetization policy and therefore, would act as a people’s vote, or not, to his decision of demonetization. Another factor behind the party’s efforts to win is their goal of achieving a Congress-mukt bharat, and thereby decimate the Opposition.

Whether the sparkle is Nurottam Mishra’s listener’s eyes is evidentiary enough to predict the BJP’s win, remains to be seen. The BJP has not been able to come in power in the State for a long time now. Would this time be a change in the pattern?


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