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Here’s why Agra Shopkeeper wants BJP government

Akriti Bhatia, the co-founder of Jan Ki Baat, makes an attempt to understand which way the citizens of Uttar Pradesh are inclined toward for the upcoming Elections in the State. Some shopkeepers in Agra’s Sadar Bazaar area seemed more comfortable with the BJP becoming the next regime. When asked why they think the BJP has a greater chance at winning, one said that the 2 years of the BJP at Centre have been clean, scam-free. There has been no case of corruption or even, inflation: “Now 100 rupees is enough for vegetables and fruits; earlier now even 500 was enough.” The Akhilesh Yadav and Rahul Gandhi, according to another, was just to minimize the damage that the split in the Samajwadi Party. In reality, Congress has no support in UP, thus, the alliance won’t do any good, says the owner. They all are looking forwards to votes being divided into SP-Congress and BSP, so that ultimately, BJP would win with its consolidated voter-base. When asked who they would want to see as the CM of UP since the BJP hasn’t declared their CM candidate, Rajnath Singh was the answer. “BJP’s wave” is what they categorized as the current public mood.

The Uttar Pradesh Elections of 2017 are important for the BJP to win, not only because of the mere size of the State, which undoubtedly would look like a victory in the BJP’s kitty; there are other factors involved which demand the party to win UP: this would be the first election post Narendra Modi’s demonetization policy and therefore, would act as a people’s vote, or not, to his decision of demonetization. Another factor behind the party’s efforts to win is their goal of achieving a Congress-mukt bharat, and thereby decimate the Opposition.

UP has been a site of battle for decades now due to its size, demography and geographic location. Who the citizens vote for and who emerges as the next leader, only time can tell.


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