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BJP support in Uttarakhand Elections 2017

Uttarakhand Elections saw a 66% voter turnout whose results are to be declared in March 2017. Akriti Bhatia, the co-founder of Jan Ki Baat interviewed a resident of Uttarakhand, to understand some of the issues the State is struggling with and the next probable political preference. The citizen believed that the BJP is synonymous with the concept of development and has a good chance of winning the elections, considering the previous government’s incumbency. Development has been an age-long concern of the citizenry of Uttarakhand. Roadways were to be constructed, linking urban and hilly areas; higher education had to be made accessible in hilly areas; the unemployment rate had to be brought down but all these remain unfulfilled promises.

The current Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Harish Rawat, remains Congress’ last hope; the party has lost in other major State elections across India. The State also becomes an important one for the BJP which is making concerted efforts to achieve a Congress-mukt India. The BJP did not declare its Chief Ministerial candidate. Uttarakhand currently has 5 Parliamentary constituencies and 70 Assembly constituencies. The elections were held on 15th of February. Harish Rawat had won from his Rudraprayag constituency in the 2012 elections, but with a very small margin of 1326 votes.

Who’d emerge victorious this time in “Devbhoomi” Uttarakhand: would the opposition in the state finally take over, carving a new political pattern? How narrow would the winning margin be, remains to be seen by mid-March, when the current legislative assembly’s term ends.


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