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This is what the youth and women want in PM Narendra Modi’s New India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the people of India on 18th March 2017. In his speech, the PM offered a glimpse of a New India, an India with a more conducive business environment, a more empowered citizenry and better infrastructure.

The team of Jan Ki Baat did a vox pop on people’s version of New India and asked the youth and women across the country what they understood from the this term. Some said that New India is poverty free India where everyone can express themselves freely, no hunger or a scenario where the economic disparity between various classes is minimized. For some New India is the India with no gender bias, a country in which women are safe and free from molestation, harassment and violence. Others claimed that it is the India where there is equal opportunity and recognition for all, India with no unemployment, no child labour or a country where intelligence is not based on marks or curriculum. Despite such varied opinions one opinion highlighted the fact that New India is the inclusive India regardless of any caste, class, creed, religion or gender.

I am seeing a new India, the India of the dreams of the youth. A new India that fulfills the aspirations of our women. A new India that is about opportunities for the poor… The poor are saying, I want to progress and I seek the opportunity from you ,the Prime Minister said in his victory speech describing the BJP’s big election wins as an opportunity to serve the people. According to PM Modi, New India is the India with:

-Federalism over Central government

-No Unemployment

-People over government

-No poverty

-Focus on implementation


-Tunnel vision v/s Total vision

-Equality and rights to women

Let’s see how far all this gets implemented and how the general public and government work together towards a New India.


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