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VVPAT: The solution to the EVM row

EVM or Electronic voting machines are being used in Indian state and general elections to implement electronic voting since 1999. EVMs have replaced paper ballots in local, state and general (parliamentary) elections in India. There were recent claims regarding EVM’s tamparability in UP elections which have been denied by the Election Commission. After the rulings of Delhi High Court, Supreme court and demands from various political parties, Election Commission decided to introduce EVMs with Voter-verified paper audit trial system(VVPAT) system. VVPAT system was introduced in 8 out of 543 parliamentary constituencies as a pilot project in Indian general elections 2014.

VVPAT allows a paper slip to be generated bearing the name and symbol of the candidate along with a recording of the vote in the control unit so that, in case of any dispute, the slip can be counted to verify the result being shown on the EVM. Under the VVPAT, a printer is attached to the balloting unit and kept in the voting compartment.

Therefore VVPAT is definitely a perfect solution to shut the controversial accusations of political leaders.


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